Aviation is one of my more 'larger' and expensive hobbies.  I continue to work towards new ratings as a pilot and instructor.  Being able to fly is a rush, climbing up to 3,000 ft and looking at the land below you is one of the most beautiful views available.


A site that holds a lot of my aviation memories.  I try to make a record of some of the bigger parts of my aviation 'career'.

Aviation Photo Gallery

I have tried to combine flying with the fun of having a digital camera, I have put a lot of those photos in my photo gallery.

Aviation Frequencies

A guide to aviation frequenies in the state of Maine.  I found listening to some of the chatter helped me pick up the lingo I use as a pilot.

Cleared for Takeoff

A site that I have designed to promote general aviation, learning to fly, and just aviation in general. Features include a aviation glossary and web cams.