Fun is paramount in life, without it, life would be boring.... I have tried to capture some of that fun while I dabbled with my Adobe Photoshop skills (or lack thereof) .
Some of the areas below are restricted

All Nude Airways

One of my good friends dreams... I decided besides being her Co-pilot, I'd do a little marketing...


Freshman year at Thomas College.... we had our share of the fun between the floor wars and having a female RA on an all guys floor.


da Lobster Throw

Ever seen those little contests between innings at the ball games??  Well, we got to participate and try to catch 10 plastic lobsters in 45 secs.... How'd we do? 16

Stupid Pet Tricks

What people will do when they get some good beer into them.  You've seen it on the late night shows, now showing in Camden, Maine....

the $100 Hamburger

An aviation classic... fly to an airport with a cafe on the field and have a hamburger (or any food), since it costs so much to fly, it was aptly named the $100 hamburger.


DVD's, Videos and of course PlayStation2 & N64 games, all the necessary essentials for those 'do-nothing' days we all have.  An insight into my collection.


I have appeared on the TV & video a few times, and since VHS tapes last only 10 years, I have digitized those occurences, they appear here.

College Graduation

Graduation Day, never thought that would come!  Photos from Awards Night, the Ceremony and the After Party.   * Restricted Area *