Hobbies are something that keep a person sane from the everyday stuff that can get to you at times.... I have a variety of hobbies to get away from everyday life, some are large, some are small, but all have their place.



With a busy schedule, there is not much time to read, and when there is, its usually studying for another rating.... when I get the chance though, my favorite authors are Tom Clancy and John Nance.

Remote Controlled Boats

Racing boats look like a blast, if only I had the money to have such a boat.... I've had to settle for remote controlled racing boats.... a lot cheaper and much easier to take to the lake.


Probably my biggest and most expensive and time-consuming hobby... but being able to just take off and go flying is a feeling that lasts a lifetime.

Teaching / Instructing

My family has a long time of teachers, and when I decided to become a computer geek I could have been outcast.  Teaching has crept back into my life, by helping co-teach some courses at the college I attend as well as working on my Flight Instructor ratings.

State Quarters

 I thought it might be kinda cool to have the whole set - and might be worth some money one day, so the list of quarters I currently have appear here for friends and family who help me out with my collection.

Custom Lighting Systems

 As a board of director for the Camden Civic Theatre and their Lighting Master / Technical Theater director, I had quite a few opportunities to design lighting systems for various productions.